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Hello Poochie Parents! Wow we're excited to meet you and your doggo.

Bark & Play only uses non-violent ways of Behavioral Intervention such as hoses and squirt bottles, loud noises, shouting, or time out in a crate or kennel for a nap.

To join the Bark and Play family we need a few things from you to ensure the safety of your pet and make sure we are ready for dog daycare and your Free 3-Day Trial Package.

Let's get your dog ready for Bark and Play:
  • Please fill out the New Dog Form below

  • Current Rabies Certificate - Bring a copy for us with you on your first day

  • Current Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccination Form - Bring us a copy on your first day

  • When you drop off your dog on their first day, please allow 20 minutes for us to review your paperwork and have you sign your Bark and Play New Dog Packet.

Tell Us About Your Dog
Dog's Sex
Any Aggression with the following?
Choose all the apply
My dog likes to eat . . .
Dog Contacts & Care

For Emergency Contact information, please use someone OTHER than a significant other. Does NOT have to be local.

Upload Rabbies & Vaccinations

Woof! We're excited to meet you and your dog. Next step is to call Bark & Play at 303-446-2275 and schedule your first free trial day.

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