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We can't wait to meet your dog and introduce welcome them to our Bark and Play family!

Bark and Play provides daycare for your dog and also offers overnight boarding stays. While you're at work, running errands or away on vacation we'll take great care of your pet.

Our dog daycare and overnight boarding facility is soooo pawsome!

Besides being a safe, clean and a healthy environment for your pet, it's a dream dog house with an 2,300 sq ft. indoor play area. AND, drumroll please we have an additional 4,000 square ft. backyard outdoor play area with toys and pools and a shaded area, so the dogs can be outside.  Oh and just like your backyard at home, WE HAVE GRASS! Yep, we're one of the rare dog daycare's in Denver with real grass to roll in, sunbathe, or just sniff sniff sniff aaaaalllll day. We can't wait for to watch the doggos run around and live it up.

Being a family owned, business has it’s benefits

Owner Kim Bishop, started in the dog daycare industry working for other places in Denver. She shares why they opened Bark and Play, "I found a passion for this industry, and saw an opportunity to build a business I’d love. So I talked to my husband and parents, and boom! We opened up Bark and Play, and I now run it with my husband." We can’t believe it’s already been 6 years and can’t believe how much we’ve grown. It’s so exciting. We love all the doggos… and their parents.

What's one of the advantages of being a family-owned place?

Denver's a total dog town and we're lucky to have some great doggy day cares. What we offer is a family feel - a home away from home. You'll know us, you'll know the staff. We're not strangers to you or your dog.


The communication on our end is family -level, not just boss and employee level. So, rest assured when you drop your dog off with us, you let somebody know what's going on, we have multiple ways of communicating that with each other.

Plus, our employees are like family and many of them here since the beginning. So we work really, really well together. Our only goal is to make sure that the dogs are happy and healthy and safe. I feel like we offer a different style of care with a small mom and pop shop as opposed to one of the bigger doggy day cares.

Here, we make sure we get to know our dogs, we know what signs to look for in the playroom if someone's stressed out or not having a good time. We take the extra time to get to know our dogs so that it helps everybody have a kickass time – the dog and the parent. We understand, you need to be able to relax and trust us so that you can go do what you need to do at work. Or, be able to go and relax and not worry about your dog while you’re on vacation.

Do dogs just want to get outta the house?

Yep. Pet parents tell us all the time that their dogs get "cabin fever" or are "driving them crazy" for attention. We have a few dogs that come in just to be around humans and get all the snuggles. And then, there's other dogs that don't care about the humans at all, they just want to play with the dogs. 

What do you love about owning a doggy daycare?

What better job than to hang with doggos all day?! But seriously, to provide dogs an outlet to play with other dogs and have human companionship as a "job" is pretty damn rewarding. Dog daycare is a totally different exercise than going on a walk, a half hour at a dog park, or even going on an eight-mile run with their humans - it's mental stimulation and social interaction as well.


We love being able to provide a place where dogs interact with other dogs, and even if they're not interacting with other dogs, there's still a whole pack thing going on. So it's a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation. You will be amazed at how the social environment will allow your pet to get exercise and interact with others. Snag your Free 3-Day Trial and let's get your dog into Bark and Play!

How much does it cost for dog daycare at Bark and Play?

Without a package, it's $33 a day and we open at 6:30 and close at 7:00. And we have the 5, 10, and 20-day packages where you get a discount and save. Anything less than six hours is considered a half day with us. Click here for all the rates and amenities >>


Do you have overnight dog boarding?​

Absolutely we have overnight boarding! Click here to see our hours and drop off and pick-up times! Click here for all the details and rates >>

Meet the Humans

Meet the Humans! 

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