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No bones about it, you'll love Bark & Play!

Woof! We’re Frieda “The Face” & Barley “The Frog” and we’d love it if you came to play with us and our furiends! Or, you could chill in the pool, sun bathe, chase bubbles, climb on our play set, sniff all the booties you want, take an afternoon snooze, or whatever! The place is aaaallll ours. 

Best part? Our Mom Kim & Dad Garrett know really cool humans that are here all day to care for us and give us unlimited ear scratchings and belly rubbins. We’re not pullin’ your tail, it’s just like you are one of our family.



Just ask Frieda and Barley!

Looking for a dog daycare you can trust?

Want your dog to feel like they're at their home away from home?
Every new dog at Bark and Play Denver starts with a  FREE 3-Day Trial! Yep. You read that right - 3 FREE DAYS.

We're the only dog daycare in Denver that offers up this awesome trial day package - because we know how important it is for you and your dog to feel comfortable and safe. 


During the free trial we evaluate your dog’s comfort level and let them sniff out our playroom and team while they get comfortable with the pack. 

We do three free days because we've found that's what's best for the dogs and the parents - so for us, it's good business.

We want to give the dog the opportunity to understand the way we do things. Different dogs, some kids come in and they're ready to go within 10 minutes, there's no acclimation process at all. Some kids, it takes the full three days before they're really comfortable and figure out why they're here. So we want to make sure that your dog is comfortable here with us in our facility before we ask any money to exchange hands. But it's also really important that Mom and Dad are happy with the services that we provide.

And do you find that sometimes there are dogs that just don't do well with daycare? 

Yeah, we find some doggos are scared. The dogs that are scared that we think we can work with, we'll even extend that trial period a day just to make sure we've done everything we can to get them into the room. There are some dogs that just don't understand playing or they play too rough. And those are the dogs that just aren't a fit for Bark and Play. It sucks, because it's not that they're a bad dog - they just don't fit into the pack environment at daycare. We have 60 other dogs that we're looking after and have to consider their well being. Some dogs may be a better fit for a bigger and busier place or a place where they do separate by size. But we try and give everybody a clear shot, a fair shot, of getting in and mingling with everybody.

Free dog daycare trial days are done within the calendar month

Trial days don't need to be back to back to back. In fact, we prefer them to have a day off in between those first couple of days, because they will be exhausted. But every day is different here. No two days are exactly the same. Different dogs have different personalities and then they bring that into the room. It's a totally different dynamic. So we definitely encourage trying different days of the week. Best thing to do - call us and we'll talk about your dog and help you decide the best plan!

Trial days need to be booked in advance

We only like to do a few new dogs at a time. That way, we can put our attention on the trial day dogs that are here. New pet parents have to fill out the New Dog Profile on the first day with one of the owners as well so that has to be booked in advance.  


Trial day dogs need to be in by 8 a.m.

We want to get your dog into the room and let them acclimate with the other dogs as they are coming into the room, as opposed to us trying to introduce a new dog into a full room with the pack in full swing. 


The humans, the facilities, the dogs - everyone and everything is new to your dog and we don't want to overwhelm them.  We like to go at their pace, so it can be a positive experience.

3-day trial for new clients only. No cash value. Good for daycare only. Not applicable for overnight boarding.

Snag your dog's Free 3-Day Trial!

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