We're one of Denver's only dog boarding places that has late night pick up.

Bark and Play provides daycare for your dog and also offers overnight boarding stays. While you're at work, running errands or away on vacation we'll take great care of your pet.

Do you have later pick up times?

Yes! Isn't that awesome?! Bark and Play has a staff here until 9 p.m. for late night pick ups and/or drop offs for overnight boarding. We’re dog owners and they’re totally our family members and like our kids – we get it. Pet parents these days have crazy schedules and travel plans don't always sync up with the regular 9 to 5 schedule! So we have staff here from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. to care for your doggos and accommodate our pet parents as best we can. For daycare drop offs before 7 am.m and pick ups after 7 p.m., please make arrangements with our team.

How much does it cost to have a dog boarded?

If it's one dog, it's $50 night. That price does include the cost of daycare. A lot of other places, you have to pick up by 11:00 in the morning or noon, or they're going to charge you an extra day of daycare. We thought was sucky and decided we weren't going to do that to our pet parents.


Plans change all the time, flights get delayed... crap happens! We really try and do our best to take the stress of off of the pet parent. So at $50 a night, that includes daycare the day of and the day of pickup. And if you have multiple dogs there, it is $40 per dog per night. Same thing, daycare is included both.

How old does a dog have to be to be boarded with you guys?

So they have to be old enough to get their first round of rabies shots, which is usually between 14 and 16 weeks old.


Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered for boarding?

We can take them up until their six month birthday without being fixed or altered. Once they hit that six month birthday, on the day before, actually, we are no longer legally able to take that dog until they are altered.


In addition to bringing food and snacks, can I bring my dog's bed or toys?

Absolutely. Anything that's going to make your kid feel more comfortable here. We encourage bedding and something they's feel familiar with. For example, we tell our customers to bring a night shirt that they slept in - something that smells like Mom or Dad so that they know that they're coming back to get them. Bring their favorite toys (to keep in their kennel and not go in the playroom). But anything that you feel is going to make your dog feel more comfortable, we encourage you to bring it in.


Anything I can't bring?

We don't allow any rawhides or pigs ears, because those can be a choking hazard. I do have somebody here 24 hours a day, but that doesn't mean that we can watch one particular dog all the time. But their favorite toys that don't go in the playroom, they stay in their individual kennel with them. But anything that you feel is going to make your dog feel more comfortable, we encourage you to bring it in.

And are the dogs in the kennel at night? Or do they get out into the playroom at night too?

Up until 9 p.m., they tell us what they want. If everybody's quiet and laid down, then we let that ride. If somebody's freaking out and they want to go into the play room for a little bit and burn off some of that energy, that's when we'll scoop some up, put them into the playroom, and runs out their energy. After 9 p.m. we have all overnight dogs in their kennels.

How should I plan for my dogs meals?

Just bring in their food and treats in labeled containers/bags. Allow for a couple extra servings in case plans change and to give us some extra - dogs can be finicky sometimes and may take a couple extra trys to eat.


Can you give my dog their medications and does that cost extra?

Yes. The only thing with medications is it has to be in its original packaging. So even something simple like Benadryl, it's got to have the packaging and clearly the directions on it, by law, or I'm not allowed to administer it.

Also, please provide us written instructions for the days/times/amounts and how to administer it - ie. with cheese, pill pocket, in their food, etc. 

Another way we stand apart from other dog day cares in Denver is we don't charge any extra for administering any kind of medication. Other places do charge for that.

Do you have webcams where I can watch my dog? 

Yes, but only in the play areas. We don't have cameras in the kennels. But, we put pictures up on Facebook all the time, so check that for pictures of your kids.

If I'm freaking out, is it ok if I call?

Yes. Call as often as you need up until 9 p.m. to put your mind at ease about how your kid's doing. And we're going to let you know, hey, they're doing great, or hey, they're freaking out a little bit. Honesty is the best policy. That's what we'd want when our dogs are boarding somewhere, so that's how we treat all of our humans. A lot of our pet parents see their dogs as their children, so we get it. Especially the first night or the first time - we get more parents calling than you might think!  

Do I need a reservation for my dog for overnight boarding?

Yes. And you must complete our New Dog Packet to get your dog ready for their stay at Bark and Play! Click here for the form and details >>

Fur-real our rates are awesome

Overnight Dog Boarding rates all include daycare on drop off day and pickup day!


Plus, we have late night drop off and pick ups for your pooch.


Single Dog: $50.00 per night

Multiple Dogs: $40.00 per dog per night


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