Yo NEW Doggos!

Frieda & Barley here. Your mom and dad need to grab a Free 3-Day Trial. They're goin' faster than a french fry that hit the floor.


How much is doggy daycare and what is included?

Here's a list of our doggy daycare services and amenities:

  • Indoor and outdoor play areas

  • Poochie cots for chillaxin' and nappin'

  • Water bowls

  • Sunbathing spots

  • Slides and toys that they can get up on, run around and go underneath them

  • Getting loved on by every human that's here

  • “Dinner Dogs” crew – need us to feed your pooch? No problem just bring their grub.

  • Medications can be distributed (Please ask about requirements.)

  • Flexible and accommodating staff

  • Small dogs, big dogs, all sizes welcome.

  • Quiet area for poochies that need a break from the mental stimulation.

  • Kennels if your dog needs some solo time.

  • Video cameras so pet parents can watch their dog anytime.

  • Kiddie pool in the summer- What's really a good time is the filling of the pool! We can have up to three hoses on a hot day sprayin' down the pool and the poochies. Oh, how some of our kiddos loooooo-uh-ooooove the hose. 

  • Bordetella shots: $35/dog and they do need to be over 20 pounds in order for us to administer.

  • Nails: $15/dog for nail grinding

  • Baths - Ask staff for current rates and specials.

  • Huge backyard outdoor play area! - Woooof yeah.